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Yale & Oxenfoord Publishing, hereinafter the 'Seller' and the Buyer, hereinafter the 'Buyer' agree to the following:

The Buyer agrees that purchase of this product is exclusively for the Buyer's own use and that it may not be resold, lent or given to any third party without the agreement of the Seller.

By accepting this agreement, the Buyer frees the Seller, Yale & Oxenfoord Ltd, from all liability for all and any actions taken by the Buyer or any other third party using the product purchased by the Buyer from the Seller.

The Buyer frees the Seller from any liability resulting from acts undertaken by the Buyer which result in injury, death, embarrassment, accident, fire, unconsciousness, fit, seizure, stroke or any other medical condition, financial loss, civil or criminal penalty or any other result, whether fatal, life-threatening, or resulting in any form of legal or financial penalty in any country.

Moreover, the Buyer frees the Seller from any liability resulting from any failure of the Buyer to secure employment or to make money from any of the ideas contained the product the Buyer agrees to purchase from the Seller.

The Buyer accepts that Yale & Oxenfoord acts in good faith in selling ‘A Guide to Coping with Redundancy & to Finding Your Next Job’ and that Yale & Oxenfoord Ltd does not claim that everyone who uses the techniques suggested in this book will be guaranteed to secure employment. The Buyer accepts that he or she will be responsible for his or her own actions and that the consequences of those actions are entirely his or her own responsibility. The Buyer absolves Yale & Oxenfoord Ltd, its staff, directors, other office-bearers and owners from all liability, now and in the future from all and any responsibility for actions or decisions taken by the Buyer of this book, or from any other individual who acts upon the advice contained within this book.

The Buyer accepts that the Seller is selling these goods in good faith.

The Buyer accepts that the production of his or her curriculum vitae, letters of application and all and every document discussed in the 'Guide to Coping with Redundancy & Finding Your Next Job' is entirely in his or her own hands. Yale & Oxenfoord Ltd will provide general guidance in relation to these documents, but the Buyer accepts that he or she is entirely responsible for the quality of the documents he or she  produces. Furthermore, he or she accepts that Yale & Oxenfoord has no responsibility for ensuring the successful outcome of any employment application made by the Buyer on the basis of the information provided in the 'Guide to Coping with Redundancy & Finding Your Next Job'.

The Buyer accepts that Yale & Oxenfoord Ltd may vary these terms of business without advance notification.

This agreement is made exclusively under the Laws of Scotland. All and any complaints made against the Seller are governed by and will be interpreted in accordance with the Laws of Scotland.


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